About Us


Our Vision

We believe that learning music should be a rewarding and energizing experience both for the student and the instructor.

The interaction should always be positive with an overall goal of advancing the student at a pace that they feel comfortable with and understand completely.


Our Story

Powers Music is a family business, focused on providing the highest quality curriculum to our students while delivering outstanding results.

Our mission statement is to become the premier in-home music school in South Florida.

With the high caliber of our instructors, we believe this is attainable over time.

We will work toward achieving this goal by enriching our students' experience at all times.

This while proactively guiding them out of their musical comfort zone and on to greater musical accomplishments.

Meet the Team

We have a tremendous team of people associated with our company.  Here are a few of our leaders.

Rocking West Germany with a 100 watt Marshall stack.  Play Loud!  With ear protection...

Bill Powers

 CEO & Instructor

Bill grew up in the Greater Boston area and is a sponsored artist with Moniker Guitars in Austin, TX.

Bill graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, NY.

Bill is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Army.

While in the US Army-Europe (USAREUR) he was attached to the 1/41 FA Batallion, 56th FA Brigade HQ, in Schwaebisch Gmund, West Germany.  Providing satellite communications for the Pershing II Nuclear Missile Quick Reaction Force (QRF)

Bill loves music, reading, cars, Boston sports, coffee and the great outdoors, preferably the beach.

Fun fact: Bill has been on the world's longest zip line over water. Dragon's Breath Zip Line at 2,630 feet is just over a half a mile long.

The video below is not of Bill but gives you an idea of the thrill of the ride. It's just like playing music!

Dragon's Breath Zip Line



Emily MacMillan

Curriculum Creator

KFC has their "secret recipe".  We have Emily MacMillan and her "secret sauce".

Emily is a full-time elementary school teacher at Binks Forest Elementary in Wellington FL.

Emily is also the Director of Elevate Improv, a local summer camp and after-school program focused on elevating children's  confidence and creativity levels!

Emily holds a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Florida Atlantic University.

Emily has taken what she has learned over her years of teaching, elevating creativity and confidence levels and transferred it directly into our curriculum.

The resulting increase in confidence, speed of learning and retention levels is magical for parents to see.  KFC guards their secret. We share ours with every student.



Eric Bedner's Farm Drums

                        Eric Powers 

          President & Drum Instructor

Eric was drawn to drums and percussion at the age of 2.

Eric celebrated the Fourth of July in 2005 by constantly smashing his maraca on my vintage 1983 Stratocaster!

5 years later at Disney World, he used a Jedi Mind Trick and defeated Darth Vader in a duel. Giving his lightsaber and any drumstick he has touched since then "superpowers"

Eric then continued his musical adventure by playing drums in the Concert Band at Holbrook Road Elementary School in Centereach, NY.

Then when he moved to Florida in 2014 he joined the Concert Performance Band at Wellington Landings Middle School. While at Landings on snare drum and percussion he and his band achieved the highest "Superior" ratings for their performance in the Palm Beach County Solo & Ensemble Musical Performance Assessment, (MPA).

Upon graduation, Eric enrolled at Wellington High School and joined the WHS Marching Band, the "Mighty Wolverine Sound". His freshman year he handled the bass drum while continuing to play snare for Solo & Ensemble MPA's. For his current sophomore year, he has moved back to the snare drum for the Drum Line.

Eric is looking forward to another successful year with the "Mighty Wolverine Sound" and their trip to NYC this year, to play in the Saint Patrick's Day Parade. Eric loves NYC as he grew up on Long Island and spent many days exploring the city with his family and friends.

His 10+ years of drum and percussion training will translate to an energized, rewarding experience for your child. He is a very patient teacher and explains our curriculum in a very user-friendly fashion 🙂