In-Home Music Lessons

Our in-home music lessons let you "get stuff done" around your home.  You take care of what you have to do and we take care of elevating your child's musical knowledge!

Our Instructors

Our instructors are from some of the top schools in FL including Dreyfoos School of the Arts!

Live Performances

Special "Rock Star Live" events at venues in the greater West Palm Beach metro area.  Stay tuned for venues, dates and times!

A message from the CEO


As the founder and Chief Entertainment Officer of Powers Music allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Bill Powers.  We moved to Wellington FL four years ago in 2014.

I grew up 10 miles outside of Boston in Swampscott & Lynn, MA.

I developed my love of music at a young age when my parents purchased my first guitar for my 12th birthday present.

My first public performance was 4 months later (I'm a fast learner) @ St. John's Church in Swampscott, MA for my sixth-grade elementary school class.

I'm sponsored by Moniker Guitars, a guitar company in Austin, TX the heart of TX blues rock country!

We have a great group of very talented instructors.  Our  Curriculum Creative Director, Emily, as an elementary school teacher, has a tremendous wealth of knowledge when it comes to young children and their learning styles.

You will be amazed at the positive changes you see in your kids and how well it translates to other areas of their lives.


Bill Powers



Moniker Guitars
Moniker Guitars
Moniker Guitars